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Pillows have an important job to do supporting the head during sleep. They must be able to guarantee the correct physiological position during sleep.
To support the head and neck, pillows must be able to reduce the pressure points as this will avoid problems with circulation and ensure perfect transpiration in relation to the body’s position during sleep.

Flou’s vast range of pillows includes traditional styles and more avant-garde, in terms of shape and materials. They can satisfy every specific request to guarantee the best level of wellness for everyone.

Comfort Pillow

External cover: 100% striped cotton satin. Internal cover: 100% cotton jersey.
A natural, traditional-style product.
The product is ideal for use in hot or colder weather, thanks to the sides in wool and cotton.
The central core is double honeycomb transpiring latex.


Adaptive Pillow

External cover material: 60% anti-allergenic fiber - 40% viscose.
The design is ergo-anatomical in viscoelastic memoform.
It has been studied to adapt to a wide range of body shapes, thanks to the exclusive ergonomic shape with its memory form properties that can be used in two different positions.


Goose down Pillow

Cover: 100% cotton. Filled with certified and traceable goose down.
Washable. Recommended for people who prefer soft natural support.

Memoform Air Pillow

Damask-finish cover: 80% cotton, 20% anti-allergenic fiber. The core is Memoform viscoelastic, with an open cell BIOSGEL structure, that can absorb heat.
Resistant – Lightweight and transpiring – Clinically tested – Gentle on the skin.
Recommended for people who find hot environments uncomfortable during the night; thanks to its high density molecular structure, this pillow absorbs heat much more slowly than the traditional pillows and stays cooler for longer.


Latex Pillow

Cover: 100% striped damask cotton. It consists of latex foam and it stands out for its open cell, interconnecting structure that guarantees versatility and transpiration.
Its excellent elastic properties make this the pillow that is suitable for all.


Memoform Pillow

Cover: 100% cotton. This pillow is made completely from Memoform, a high-tech viscoelastic substance; it has a 100% pure cotton cover and the outer layer is a special fabric that allows optimal heat regulation. It adapts to all sleeping positions, maintaining the correct posture for the spinal column. It is recommended for the people who require better support for their neck region; it avoids contractions and leads to extremely regenerating sleep.


Dacron® Pillow

External cover material: 100% cotton.

The pillow is filled with polyester padding that has high transpiration properties.

Anti-allergenic – medium density – washable.

Recommended for anyone looking for gentle support.

Wool Pillow

External cover material: 100% cotton. Wool pillow - washable – medium density – resilient (elastic) – maintains the body temperature – absorbs the excessive damp and keeps the surfaces dry. Recommended for people who require considerable support.


One4all Pillow

External cover: 100% cotton complete with zip-fastener. Polyester microsphere padding, internal transpiring layer in memory form. A pillow designed to satisfy all requirements. All of the components are machine-washable.

• Internal core: transpiring memory form layer, flat on one side and with two ergonomic depths on the other. With the help of body heat, this material assumes the shape of the head, supporting it correctly and, thanks to the open-cell structure, consents and facilitates uniform and constant recycling of air.
• Upper and lower pouches, complete with zip-fastener, with polyester microsphere padding; the quantity of the padding can be adjusted to calibrate the degree of comfort desired.
• Thanks to the varying depths, the internal core will mold to the ideal ergonomic position, depending on the different physical structures.



The outer cover matches the mattress cover and is embellished with a pied-de-poule motif and cord trim. The luxurious and comfortable padding consists of two outer pouches (80% goose down and 20% feather) and an inner pouch with hemp (300 gr) entwined with cashmere (330 gr).

Nuvola Pillow

External cover in microfibre. Padding: 100% polyester fibre DACRON Aerelle SoftFlex gr.700.
Recommended for anyone looking for gentle support.

Feather Pillow

Cover: 100% cotton. Padding: 10% goose down, 90% feathers.
Washable. Recommended for people who prefer soft natural support.

Protective pillow cover
Bayscent® Neutralizer

The protective pillow cover is produced in transpiring jersey fabric, treated with odor-busting Bayscent® Neutralizer – the selective technology against the bad odors. It selectively eliminates the odors while preserving the original characteristics of the fibers (appearance, ‘softness’ and transpiration).

Protective pillow cover

A traditional-style product in 100% pure cotton, shrink-proof and machine washable.

Protective pillow cover

100% stretch cotton towelling. Machine washable.